Saturday, January 22, 2011

Red Wine Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Red Wine Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Ganache

Red Wine Chocolate Cake, my first alcohol cake. Take a look at it, it just looks like any ordinary chocolate moist cake but take a bite and the Red Wine taste is so strong.

I still got half a bottle of red wine at my disposal after my attempt in  Pork Bourguignon. My initial plan was to drink the red wine myself but after a glass I find that the wine is too dry for my liking. I prefer sweet wine. Without knowing what to do with it, I search the internet for 'Red Wine Cake' and the return of my search result is this very moist and soft Red Wine Chocolate Cake.

The cake was not sweet at all as I reduce too much sugar but forgot to take into account of the high cocoa powder to flour ratio. So I have no choice but spread it with layers of Chocolate Ganache for additional sweetness. It is always my usual practice to reduce a great amount of sugar from my recipes because I always find the amount of sugar they used are so insanely high. I always wonder how do people eat such a sweet cake with those super sweet frosting the recipes called for. That's why prior to my baking passion, I have very little interest to have a piece of desserts wherever I dine.  

The results: moist, buttery, soft, strong chocolate flavour cake with a strong red wine taste and just the right sweetness of chocolate ganache.

Sorry lil princess, this is one cake that I can't give you a slice yet.

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