Monday, January 17, 2011

Post Baking Dinner

Cozy version of Southwestern Baked Chicken

From all the pictures shown on this post, very much explained why I was lazy to whip up more frosting for my first 2-tier White Butter Cake presentation which I posted earlier.

From the lack of post for the past few weeks (maybe posted once a week), that show work and family commitments has overruled my passion. Finally I managed to make time for my passion and I am not gonna waste it with just 1 recipe. Therefore, I have not just baked 1 item but also baked and cooked a 4-course dinner for my love ones. But by end of the day, I was so knocked out that I don't even manage to put my lil princess to bed first before me.

Mashed Potato

Mashed Potato my darling favourite and a good combination with the Pork Bourguignon (as recommended in my cookbook). Recipe and cooking methods for this Mashed Potato is through instinct. Basic Ingredients consist of Russet Potatoes, Butter, Milk, Salt and Pepper. 

Grilled Butter Salmon

Salmon block complimentary from my favourite grocer. Right you are the salmon is complimentary, this show how reliable is it to shop in my neighbourhood supermarket. Some time back I bought some fish that has gone through some handling problem with the big sea. I casually told the fish vendor about it and he offered to give me the salmon on nice of him :)

Pork Bourguignon

I found this recipe on my 'One Pot' cookbook that I got it during a bookstore sale. This is my first attempt on the cookbook despite the book has been sitting on my messy desk for months. Reason being I am just too eager to do so much but with little time and insufficient tummies to digest it all. I admit that I actually omit some ingredients from this bourguignon reason being I won't purposely buy a bottle of brandy to try out 1 recipe. The brandy might be ended up sitting on the shelf for years to come. So I put in more red wine than the recipe suggested to compensate on the liquor used.
Cozy version of Southwestern Baked Chicken

When one mentioned southwest cooking, it always the thought of chili, tomatoes, salsa, herbs & spices, Mexican cuisines, etc. This ingredients are rather easy to compliment with each other to come out with an eatable dish even without a recipe. That's why I always like to use tomatoes, rosemary, thyme, bay leaf.....things that can never go wrong with chicken (unless you go overboard on the measurement).


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