Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kaya Kek Lapis

Kaya Kek Lapis

I am getting lazier with my blog posting and baking with all this hormone change, excessive vomiting, loss of appetite, etc that I am experiencing lately. On days that I feel better, I will try to bake but still lazy to post it....hehehe.

So I am gonna make this short. Kaya Kek Lapis is my new favourite cake but I tell you it is a real devil cake with the high amount of butter and egg used yet the taste is so good and irresistible (even my mom had slice after slice of it). The preparation is very labour intensive. Basically I have to sit in the kitchen for almost 2 hours to bake layer after layer of this multi-layers rich and moist cake.

Well all said and done, now I am gonna take 1 more slice for myself........will be back with more goodies asap

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