Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My First Tiramisu

Tiramisu Cake

After days of being away from my little kitchen, I am proud to say that now my kitchen is back to full operation. I begin my Rabbit Year baking with a Tiramisu Cake.....with layers of moist and fluffy white cake, layered and soak with coffee and liqueur and sandwiched with hazelnut chocolates and lastly spread with a light mascarporne and whipped cream frosting and decorated with the devil oreo double cream cookies.

Tiramisu has always been on my baking list since I started baking last year but there's always the obstacle of not able to make one until yesterday when I commit myself to make one for my family's after dinner dessert today. Once I promised them, there's no turning back...but just go for it and make it realistic.....maybe being the eldest in the family must always show a good example to my younger sisters.....hahaha. 

End result, we all love it and finished the whole cake except 2 slices that I reserved for  my breakfast tomorrow. And while we were enjoying our slice of tiramisu, I found out that my big sis (cousin) made a tiramisu too on the other side of the planet....what a coincidence......I wonder whose one is nicer......

(more CNY's kitchen re-open goodies coming up soon)

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